Mr. Shaughnessy’s Practice Areas

Gregory R. Shaughnessy’s practice includes prosecuting and defending civil claims and actions such as construction claims, construction defect actions, construction collection actions, real estate litigation and transactions, and insurance coverage and bad faith actions. Mr. Shaughnessy has an extensive network of colleagues with specialized practices that he can draw upon when additional expertise is needed.

Practice Area Overview

In this practice area overview, take a look at the areas of law in which Mr. Shaughnessy works and how his experience is relevant to your case.

  • Construction law: Helping contractors, subcontractors and other parties draft contracts to keep their business in good legal standing
  • Construction insurance: Helping you file claims and collect the full insurance benefits to which you’re entitled
  • Commercial litigation: Filing lawsuits or responding to a suit against you when disputes arise
  • Real estate law: Buying, selling and managing residential and commercial real estate in the Bay Area and throughout California
  • Insurance law: Legal assistance for clients working in construction and other industries
  • Mediation and arbitration: Legal assistance when informal negotiations fail but all parties would prefer to avoid a lawsuit

An Experienced Attorney Who Knows The Bay Area

Gregory R. Shaughnessy has served as a lawyer to owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors in California and beyond for more than 25 years. He knows the ins and outs of construction and real estate law in the Bay Area and across California, as it affects construction work and other businesses.

To see how the Law Offices of Gregory R. Shaughnessy can help you, contact him online or call him at 415-435-2409 to schedule an initial consultation in his Tiburon office.